Episode 23: Anthony Tammaro


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Josh Mings & Adam OHern

Description: CAD, Design and Technology

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Episode 23: Anthony Tammaro

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This week we’ll talk with special guest Anthony Tammaro about his organic sculptural fashion accessory designs at Listen in this week and we’ll be talking about:

  • First off, there is magic in the world, and it comes in the form of Sugru. Sugru is an air-curing rubber that can be formed by hand. Shape, stick and mold it to just about anything you can imagine and is extremely durable. Now this magical substance has been around a while, but I’m convinced you’ll start seeing it more. You can get it online at makerbot or
  • 3D printing is all the rage, but what if you could do it yourself, with your hand? Haptic Intelligentsia is aiming the haptic glove of happiness at the idea, allowing you to build your object layer-by-layer with glue-gun attached to a Sensable 6 degree-of-freedom haptic device. It is truly the blend of physical interaction with the 3d digital model. Word simply can’t do it justice, so check out the video via Engineer vs
  • And if you’re a regular listener, you know we love a good Kickstarter project (love it) AND if your interested in starting one of your own, there are a few keys to success, besides not choosing an idea that sucks, that you might want to know. Patent Attorney Kevin Prince, started one of his own on a Book of Patent Art, had it successfully backed, and is passing the knowledge on to you over at
  • There’s nothing quite like having 111 five-eurocent coins hanging stylishly around your neck. Michiel Cornelissen is making that all possible for you, with the ‘E 5.55′, a 3D printing necklace design that holds all of thoose coins in place creating a clustered array of coppery couture. You can buy the full necklace on his website or by the 3D printed piece via Shapeways and use your own coinage to customize your look. HOT!
  • You can pick up the new version of 123D (Beta 8) for free 3D modeling,
  • 2011 saw the biggest release of iPad apps for CAD, with that expected to double in 2012
  • if you’re wondering what comes after LED TV’s and monitors, get ready for quantum dot displays coming to your desktop soon.
  • aaaaand EngineerVsDesigner, SolidSmack and cadjunkie are officially joining forces. Look for new sites updates and more coming soon. NOW… that 3D printed necklace is interesting, but what about this Sugru. Have you used it?
  • I’ve not used it, but I have just ordered five barrels of it to mold my buttocks. The stuff is amazing. It’s Formerol, a formable silicone technology, and can be used to mod tools, make repairs, a mask to cover horrible scars or even mold jewelry.

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