Episode 18: Jeremy Bout


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Josh Mings & Adam OHern

Description: CAD, Design and Technology

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Episode 18: Jeremy Bout

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Today we’ll be talking with design media honcho Jeremy Bout, producer of the exciting new manufacturing show ‘The Edge Factor’. Jeremy started his career in design and manufacturing before diving head first into media. Among other things, he believes that in order to teach and inspire the next generation of designers, we need to communicate through their medium: exciting TV shows!

  • Special Guest Justin Bout’s Edge Factor Series
  • Big news in 3D printing this week. 3D System continues their consumption of 3D print related businesses. This time it’s printer manufacturer, ZCorp, creators of the first full-color 3D printer. This is part of a larger acquisition of ZCorp sister company Vidar systems. Total price 3DSystems will pay for both is $137 million.
  • T-Splines 3.3 will be released this month with a hot, new reverse engineering tool. The new tool allows you to fit T-Splines surfaces to your scanned data creating an editable, unified, watertight surface. The geometry is lightweight and fast. News of the release should hit soon.
  • UK policy makers and industry execs are bent on ridding the world of the perception that Britain doens’t make anything in a new campaign aimed at highlighting the wonders of the UK manufacturing world. the Bombardier Aerospace and others, will host a national competition to find cutting-edge products and feature innovative pieces of UK manufacturing in an exhibition at the Science Museum late next year.
  • Tolemie Elrington is sculptor creating animals, birds and marine life from recycled materials and scrap. You’ll see his work in sculpture parks and at
  • Adobe is rolling out 6 new photo-editing, design-centric apps for android, iphone later.
  • Newtek releases Lightwave 11 with camera matching and ZBrush support.
  • Autodesk University will hit Las Vegas next week where we’re sure to find out more about their PLM venture and how it relates to media and manufacturing.

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