Episode 31: Brad Peebler


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Josh Mings & Adam OHern

Description: CAD, Design and Technology

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Episode 31: Brad Peebler

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Hold on to your jellybeans kids! Today we have Brad Peebler, founder and CEO of Luxology,  on the show! Brad will talk to us about the process of starting a software company from the ground up and what we can expect from the new modo 601!

We’ll be talking with Brad about:

  • modo 601: the dirty details
  • life in the ‘Silicon Prairie’ of Kansas
  • the origins of Luxology and the Newtech backstory
  • why Luxology hasn’t sold out

The News:

Congrats to Stijn van der Linden for winning the EvD-Shapeways necklace design competition, and $200 in free 3D printing! His ‘Go With The Flow’ necklace design was wicked cool, even if you didn’t know that it was based on the idea of a 3D spirograph, and modeled using a custom-written generative C++ program (!!!) Great work, Stijn!

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This episode is brought to you by Siemens PLM. Get a free upgrade to Solid Edge Premium today. See the details here or call 800-807-2200.

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