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Eat Sleep Comics Issue 28


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Eat Sleep Comics

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Description: 2 men enter a studio to talk about comics: one podcast leaves.

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Eat Sleep Comics Issue 28

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Avengers Box Office numbers.

Next up they move on to one of their favorite subjects, Rob Liefeld, and the recent news that he has decided to resurrect Youngblood and disregard thousands of years of numbering conventions. Strap in.

Lastly they talk about the gay marriage announcement from Marvel and the fallout from those announcements, namely the One Million Moms organization being upset over this news.


Dan – The Walking Dead comics are printed gold!

Carlton – Super rare AvX New Era hat

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Eat Sleep Comics Issue 27

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Dan and Carlton are back on the case starting, just like old times, with what they bought this week. They talk about Avengers vs. X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, The DCnU and Mark Millar.

Next up, predictably taking up the rest of the show, is talk about The Avengers motion picture.  Topics range from opin...

Eat Sleep Comics Issue 26

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After nearly 8 months away we are pleased to announce the return to your earholes of Eat Sleep Comics. New and not improved (unless you count Dan's luxurious hair).

To kick off this new run we are starting with a "very special" issue recorded at Double Midnight Comics on Saturday, May 5; Free Comic...

Eat Sleep Comics Issue 25

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On this "very special" episode of Eat Sleep Comics (the last one for awhile) Dan and Carlton get together to talk about the state of the DC Reboot, but first Carlton recommends a few comics you can read if you're not into comics, like Invincible, The Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man...

Eat Sleep Comics Issue 24

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In this issue of Eat Sleep Comics Dan and Carlton start with what they bought this week, including Severed, The Infinite (oh boy), and Ultimate Fallout.

That all leads to a discussion of The Infinite, the new book from Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld, in  which the hosts try and figure out why Lie...

Eat Sleep Comics Issue 23

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In this issue of Eat Sleep Comics the guys first start with what they bought, including Crossed, Schism and The Mighty Thor.

Next up is a San Diego Comic-Con Wrap up using this article from Newsarama on the 10 biggest announcements as a jumping off point to talk about some of the tings in the articl...

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