The Engaging Brand

Show 295 - Tony Hsieh on Delivering Happiness at Zappos


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The Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery


Description: The Engaging Brand hosted by Anna Farmery

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Show 295 - Tony Hsieh on Delivering Happiness at Zappos

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Great discussion with Tony Hsieh of Zappos about his new business book - Delivering Happiness

  • What was the motivation for his entrepreneurship?
  • How boredom can inspire creativity
  • How simplicity can help deliver happiness
  • Happiness as a business model
  • Why customer service is so core to Zappos
  • How profit for Zappos is secondary to a higher purpose
  • How the telephone is the best branding tool
  • Why social media is not a shortcut for personal emotional connection
  • How learning and curiosity drives culture
  • A story of how pizza defines a customer service culture

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