The Engaging Brand

Podcast 423 - Networking Strategy for On-Line and Off-line


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The Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery


Description: The Engaging Brand hosted by Anna Farmery

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Podcast 423 - Networking Strategy for On-Line and Off-line

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Welcome to the latest and free Accelerate Your Social Media and discusses

  • Why personality is so important in social media
  • How can you 'be yourself' when you are representing a brand?
  • How it is about a mindset of dealing with people, not just 'personifying a brand'
  • What is your emotional selling point and how to use it to grow your business.
  • How to create different linkedIn profile depending on whether you are looking for a job or building a personal brand
  • The concept of knowledge-casting when social media marketing.
  • How you need an on-line, off-line and mobile networking strategy.
  • How segmenting your network can help you grow your business.
  • How to make the most from Google - if you look after Google they will look after you...
  • Don't spread your networking too thin.
  • Why social media is a tactic not a strategy for business networking

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