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Podcast 408 - Business Case for Social Media Analysis


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The Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery


Description: The Engaging Brand hosted by Anna Farmery

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Podcast 408 - Business Case for Social Media Analysis

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Welcome to the latest and free brand marketing tips.

Today  Anna Farmery to talk about how brands can improve their marketing through social media monitoring. We discuss

  • How social monitoring allows you to make meaningful decisions
  • Is social monitoring part of your risk strategy or your marketing strategy?
  • The importance of social media monitoring on qualitative data on how people see your brand
  • How to understand what people are NOT saying about your brand
  • Do you see social monitoring evolving to mood analysis - biometric social media monitoring -  to assess your mood when you are typing.
  • Is social media monitoring a problem for privacy on the web - is it a part of the Big Data problem?
  • Is real time analysis better than other analysis? Is it more accurate ?
  • How real time analysis is different across the social media platforms
  • Does real time analysis vary acress the social media platforms?
  • How do successful brands balance the art of monitoring with the art of understanding the outputs of the social media analyis
  • How real time analysis is not always used for historical data but also brands are using it for predictive analysis.

I mention that the tables were turned on me this week - so if you want to hear about why I publish The Podcast Guy interview.

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