The Engaging Brand

Show 398 - Creating a conversational style


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The Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery


Description: The Engaging Brand hosted by Anna Farmery

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Show 398 - Creating a conversational style

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This week'sAnna Farmery to discuss  the shift to organisational conversations. We discuss

  • The four elements of managing communication in a conversational world
  • How do you retain the qualities of a small business when your business grows
  • How it's not about physical distance, it's about emotional distance.
  • Is it about informalising traditional communication or formalising the grapevine?
  • How the grapevine is often more honest - but it is an important part of the information
  • How not only do the words matter....the person saying them...matter
  • How you need a filter for the pipeline of ideas
  • It's not just the idea that is important, it is the concept of having the conversation about the idea that is just as critical
  • How technology doesn't make you interactive, interactivity is about culture
  • Are their different style of conversations in business just as there is in your personal life?
  • Is communication always remain a problem - because it can never catch up with technology?

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