EMS Office Hours

EMS Office Hours

Jim Hoffman

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What Drives EMS Protocol Changes?

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2010/09/Podcasting03n2.jpg)Joined by Mark Albert, (http://emsmedrx.wordpress.com/) Tim Noonan (http://roguemedic.com)and Josh K (http://wantynu.com), this weeks Office Hours discussed some thought processes behind protocol changes in EMS. Focused at recent...

A Few Realities Of EMS – It’s Not Puppy Dogs And Ice Cream Cones

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2010/09/Podcasting03n2.jpg)I want to touch on some realities of EMS. Just as a reminder that while what we see, read or hear are great ways to get our thoughts going and provoke change there are some realities of EMS we have to face in the meantime, despite...

NYC Private Hospitals Looking At Big Bills To Run 911 EMS. Should They Pay?

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2010/09/Podcasting03n2.jpg)In the latest effort to get local government spending down, NYC wants voluntary hospitals to pay up to $1 million a year to have their ambulances respond to 911 calls. Should they consider paying?...

Caller Requests No Lights or Sirens

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2010/09/Podcasting03n2.jpg)Ever get that comment from dispatch? "Caller requests no lights and sirens". Is it really an emergency at that point? Should we even comply with this request? Jim gives his take and asks for your's on this as well as his thoughts o...

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