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Recognizing Aphasia In EMS

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This week we were joined by Ellayne S. Ganzfried, M.S., CCC-SLP who is a speech-language pathologist and the Executive Director of the National Aphasia Association. Fellow paramedic and long time subscriber to EMSSEO.com Avi Golden also joined us to share his story about how aphasia has affected h...

EMS Patient Assessment | Skin

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2011/03/abcbox-300x225.jpg)This patient assessment sign is discussed during this Monday Minutes session. Remember, assessment of the patients skin during your primary EMS assessment can give you clues to the patients circulatory status. See the video version...

Assessing EMS Patient Assessment

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2010/09/Podcasting03n2.jpg)Patient assessment in EMS is pointed to as the key ingredient with our patient contacts. Yet how much time is really spent on this in class? Things like the importance of reassessment, differential diagnosis and treatments. We seem...

Solutions For Frequent Flyers | Why Am I Looking There?

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2010/09/Podcasting03n2.jpg)This week Jim comments on the Ntg and IV access thought process, the grounding frequent flyer program at SFFD and asks a question about examining patients private areas.

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