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EMS Week Show aka Jim Bitches About It

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EMS Week 2014 has begun. Oh the fun, prizes, days off and benefits of being an EMS provider are finally bestowed upon us all.

Or - it is business as usual and the one week that is named EMS Week is shared with other events, requires us to be on a week long public awareness campaign and often is over...

EMS Week 2013 | Making It More Than A Slogan

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One Mission One Team. Can this be possible? If you have listened to the show you know we really seem far from one of anything. But perhaps we are closer or can get closer than we think possible.

Join us with your EMS week plans and how you define this years slogan...

EMS Week 2012 Episode

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EMS Week started May 20th and goes until May 26th, 2012. This years theme is "More Than A Job, A Calling".  I think for many of us this is true and for many others it was true at one time but has evolved into just that "a job".  I hope you will share your story after listening to this episode on w...

A Lighter Note On EMS Week

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2011/04/2011EMSweekLogo-300x172.gif)This week takes on a lighter note at Office Hours as Jim and Josh talk about EMS Week contests, giveaways, events and recognition of the EMS Everyday Hero. How did your agency is celebrate EMS Week? How did it recognize...

EMS Week – Take That Spoon Away, I’m Fed Up

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2010/09/Podcasting03n2.jpg)Looking for recognition through self promotion, sharing and community education. EMS Week vs. Everyone Else Week. I went on a bit of a rant  this week and was joined by Josh to keep me reined in a little.  Have I gone wrong somep...

H – History, Heroes and Headings.

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(http://emsblogs.com/emsofficehours/files/2011/04/2011EMSweekLogo-300x172.gif)In this revamp of the "H" in the EMS A-Z Series, I put it into a Monday Minutes segment and talk about heroes and the direction EMS is headed. Take a listen and share your thoughts below.

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