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EMS Knuckle Draggers & Expectations

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This week Jim and Josh talk about having to be willing to get down, dirty and in the mud as an EMS provider. The  topic of education and expectations was discussed as well.

Take a listen and find out why the knuckle dragging term came up. What was your expectation coming into EMS?...

The EMS Hobbyist

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This week we talk about the part time EMS provider. The volunteer, the person who uses EMS as a part time income or because they enjoy the rush, the change from a desk job. Does this type of workforce help or hurt us as a profession? How does this demographic in EMS effect the supply and demand for...

What Are Your EMS Talking Points?

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This week we give some teaser content on upcoming episodes and want your feedback, your talking points and your opinions on some popular EMS topics. We hope to get the dialogue started in October with topics like EMS pay, being a hobbyist or professional in the EMS world, cops giving Narcan and resp...

The EMS Identity, Who Are We?

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You may have seen many times how EMS has an identity crisis. If you take a step back, it really is no wonder. It seems we are forever trying to come up with a name, what that name means and what anyone who holds that name can or can't do...

Merit Badges Determining Standard Of Care and…

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This weeks episode contained a few hot topics in EMS news, the standard of care and how merit badges play into it all. Plus the EMT and police issue in NYC AND we went off the rails a bit with a discussion on scene positioning and prior planning...

Is The EMT’s Job Safer, Less Demanding? When Should Medics Change Careers?

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The last show of 2012. The year went by fast and the show has gained many new listeners. We end this year with a look at a few popular topics in EMS. Including the new outlook for EMT employment, when a medic should be a PA and a few other hot items in the EMS interwebs...

EMS On The Front Lines | Can We Ever Be Ready?

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Sadly, it seems like more tragedies and disasters are becoming a regular occurrence. This forces EMS into the front lines of these events and takes us rapidly from the nursing home patient or sick call to an all out multiple patient scenario involving situations and patients we are not always ready...

Is EMS One Big Toxic Environment?

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I think we can all agree that EMS is a tough job. Patients, family members, nurses, docs, police, fire, the UPS guy. All the things that can make our jobs easier or harder, depending on many variables...

EMS Zebra Hunting Or Doing What’s Right?

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This week we revisit a bit the idea of Zebra Hunting in EMS. Do you see more paramedics needing to do interventions than others? Do they have more patients who need saving or are they over reacting or hunting for something that isn't there?

Take a listen to this episode and give your opinion below...

After Hours | The Secret Files

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This week both Josh and I had some pressing engagements so we couldn't do a live show. So, I went and pulled some audio from recordings we did at some of the "after hours" of the live episodes.

Take a listen to these never before heard recordings on topics like EMT's that steal, pronouncing patients...

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