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Attending the EESF Annual Meeting So No Show This Week


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Elevator Radio Show Podcast

Tom Sybert

Chicago, IL

Description: A Weekly Industry Specific News Program!

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Attending the EESF Annual Meeting So No Show This Week

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Just not enough time to get the right gear to put a show out this week.  I promise to recap the events that happened during the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundations meeting in Atlanta on next weeks show. Now is a great time to make sure you’re up to date on all your association memberships, something I have some difficulty keeping up on. So I’ve made it easy for everyone with the link list below.

Time To Join/Renew
Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation
Chicago Elevator Association
Canadian Elevator Contractors Association
Elevator Contractors of New York
Elevator Industry Group of Southern California
Elevator Riders Riding Club
Elevator U
International Association of Elevator Consultants
Massachusetts Elevator Safety Association
National Association of Elevator Contractors
NAESA International
Northern California Elevator Industry Group
National Elevator Industry, Inc. ®