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Post: January 25th, 2012: ERS-2012-01-25 #284 Show Notes


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Elevator Radio Show Podcast

Tom Sybert

Chicago, IL

Description: A Weekly Industry Specific News Program!

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Post: January 25th, 2012: ERS-2012-01-25 #284 Show Notes

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Last show of January and you know what that means….it’s our prize pack giveaway. Next week there will be no show as I will be traveling to Atlanta, GA to attend the Annual Meeting for the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation. I’m excited about the meeting and wish I could stay longer. More information on the accident in NY has surfaced and it’s going to get a lot uglier as the DA gets involved with the investigation. I can’t say it enough, we as an industry need to make sure that training is our number one priority. Sure it’s important to learn about the code but when you get right down to it if there are people out there working on elevators and escalators who are not properly trained they are doing the job incorrectly each and every day. For states that require continuing education credits each year, make them count. It’s not enough to simply just learn about the code. Safety and understanding what can happen if the job is not done correctly is just as important. No one knows it all and each day we all need to learn something new.

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