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EDG Podcast Ep. #184 – Finding the Balance


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EDG Podcast Ep. #184 – Finding the Balance

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Listen in as Eric Bouchard, Chris Maeurer and Jay Sims talk about the balance between story and gameplay, along with a little discussion on the VGAs.

EDG Podcast Ep. #184


Intro – “Drive” by Robert Payne

Break – “Red Letter Days” by Robert Payne

Outre – “Anthem of the Free” by Robert Payne and David Ellis

Buy Robert Payne’s Album Sunlight on Amazon MP3


Weeks in Review – 3:15

VGAs – 45:40

Balance Between Story and Gameplay – 57:23

Twitter – 1:57:07

Tim Time – 2:11:13

Closing – 2:15:09


Due to people not following the rules of the contest, we chose two different people for the consolation prize. The copy of Saint’s Row: The Third went to Aaron and fanofhiphop got Spec Ops: The Line.


Read Jen Bosier’s article “Why Spec Ops: The Line is a Must Play Title” on Video Game Writes.

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