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EDG Podcast Ep. #162 – Cheating on Nerd Rage


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Everyday Gamers » The EDG Podcast

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EDG Podcast Ep. #162 – Cheating on Nerd Rage

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Travis Johnson makes his first appearance on the podcast, along with Eric Bouchard, Jay Sims, Chris Maeurer, John Danforth and special guest from Cross Platform Gamers Nerd Rage podcast Andrew Fultz. This week’s topic: cheating.

EDG Podcast Ep. #162


Intro – “Puppet” by Thousand Foot Krutch

Break – “Invitation” by WhiteHeart

Outro – “Breakfast” by Newsboys


Weeks in Review – 6:13

Cheating – 1:14:18

Twitter – 2:51:02

Tim Time – 2:58:52


Kotaku Articles references in the show:

One Shot, One Kill, No Skill: Why a Regular Gamer Started Paying to Cheat at Video Games

Our Never-Ending Battle Against Cheaters


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