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Ed & Ethan 39 News, Panel, and Colin Craig with B-List.


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Ed and Ethan

Ed and Ethan

Description: Ed and Ethan take on the stupendous and stupendiously stupid

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Ed & Ethan 39 News, Panel, and Colin Craig with B-List.

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  • 7:47 – Children perishing in Manitoba. Who’s to blame?
  • 18:10 – Government courts uphold definition of government as a terrorist organization.
  • 26:35 – Canadians beg the CRTC for more regulations on the cellular service market.
  • 33:00 – A demand from a Saskatoon man. “Raise my taxes!”

PANEL: 41:00
Raconteur and friend of the show Jarod LaChance joins us again along with Blogger Tim Moen to take on some issues of note.

  • 42:30 – If big bankers are involved in the drug war, how are they treated by police compared to some one living in a one bedroom home?
  • 52:06 – Do provinces handle resource revenues properly?
  • 59:02 – Right to work laws. Are they pro freedom laws?

INTERVIEW: 1:10:36

Colin Craig, prairie Director with the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation returns to the show to talk to us about government pension deficits and liabilities. Just how bad are unfunded liabilities for government pensions and who’s on the hook for them?

Ed and Ethan B-List: 1:33:52

It’s the Ed and Ethan B-List. Look, it was either just axe a bunch of stories each week and cry in a corner, make a 12 hour long show or come to some sort of compromise and meet in the middle. After crying in the corner for a while, we came up with B-List. If you want more of Ed and Ethan talking about the stuff that lights them up after listening to our feature show then this is the perfect audio experience for you! Think of it as a gift to the listener that was born of frustration, rage and compromise. We hope you enjoy it.

  • 1:36:10 – Canada’s border service guards don’t want to be named.
  • 1:41:45 – Police intimidate people with Christmas cards. Call it good fun.
  • 1:44:40 – Drug cops push for drug prohibition. Conflict of interest much?
  • 1:48:49 – Government claims victory after letting some people come to Canada to work.
  • 1:58:06 – Pinball machines and a cafe don’t mix according to Toronto.
  • 2:04:00 – Government allows a smartphone app to hail a cab.
  • 2:09:34 – The great helium shortage of the 21st century. How to deal with it.
  • 2:16:33 – Google evades the tax collector and brags about it to the world.

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