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Ed & Ethan 36 News, panel, Mike Finger and B-List


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Ed and Ethan

Ed and Ethan

Description: Ed and Ethan take on the stupendous and stupendiously stupid

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Ed & Ethan 36 News, panel, Mike Finger and B-List

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  • Security certificates in Canada used to deport people without trial. Viva la democracy!
  • A private school says no prestigious diploma for a student after he gets caught smoking pot.
  • What’s the¬†french¬†translation of “Walmart”?
  • The province of Saskatchewan moves into the 19th century to allow stripping and booze together…almost.


Panel looks to the following topics this week with Tim Moen found at freedomfeens.com

  • A nuclear power plant comes online in New Brunswick at about a billion dollars over-cost. This says what about energy markets?
  • A British Columbia man is sentenced to no prison time for slaughtering sled dogs. Problem?
  • Brampton highschoolers are suspended for “malicious” tweets say school officials.


Ed and Ethan take some time to talk to Mike Finger in Portsmouth, NH about the Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurship and how the Free State Project in New Hampshire is doing. Find out about some of the FSP’s successes and how the liberty community is developing in the state.


It’s the Ed and Ethan B-List. Look, it was either just axe a bunch of stories each week and cry in a corner, make a 12 hour long show or come to some sort of compromise and meet in the middle. After crying in the corner for a while, we came up with B-List. If you want more of Ed and Ethan talking about the stuff that lights them up after listening to our feature show then this is the perfect audio experience for you! Think of it as a gift to the listener that was born of frustration, rage and compromise. We hope you enjoy it.

  • Guy Fawkes masks decried by the United Arab Emirates
  • The oil economy causing problems again. Could it even survive without government?
  • Public transit costs in Toronto go up again.
  • The British Columbia Liberal party plainly demonstrates a hatred for democratic choice.
  • The province of Manitoba stays quiet on previous promises to balance their budgets.
  • Canada’s provincial securities regulators are ineffective so let’s get a nationally ineffective one instead.
  • Quebec wants more equalization cash from the feds.
  • Canadians hate the hockey lockout and so we turn to sex toys and lingerie to sooth ourselves.

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