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Nintendo Pulse #077 – Directly to the Directs Proper


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Nintendo Pulse

Lloyd Hannesson

Winnipeg, MB

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Nintendo Pulse #077 – Directly to the Directs Proper

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We are back with the Nintendo Pulse podcast! This week we talk at length about the big news… that being the 2 Nintendo Directs that we had this past week. On top of that we dissect the Mario Kart 8 news dump we got as well. Loads of cools stuff in store for us Nintendo gamers!

Updated with the real episode mp3. originally posted with last episode. Oops!

This episode is brought to you in part by PNP Games, your online source for everything video games.

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Nintendo Pulse #076 – Sales up for Pokemon

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We have a great show for you this week! We talk 3DS sales, a FREE Pokemon deal, a new 3DS bundle and more! We hope that yo enjoy the show. Hey, who's buying Yoshi's New Island this week!?

This episode is brought to you in part by PNP Games, your online source for everything video games.


Nintendo Pulse #075 – Killing the Network

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We have another great episode for you all this week! We cover the news of Nintendo killing the network connections for the DS and Wii, talk of mobile games again, Renegade Kid and Nintendo Force! We also answer a listener email, thanks for sending that in Tom!...

Nintendo Pulse #074 – Weapon Shop and DKC:TF

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It's an interesting release week on the Nintendo platforms. Not only did the next big Nintendo title Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze come out, but a neat downloadable title as well. Weapon Shop de Omasse is a strange yet quirky fun gem that just popped out on the eShop. We talk about these games...

Nintendo Pulse #073 – Spring Direct

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We had a great Nintendo Direct to report on this week. Loads of info to cover including Nintendo's first Free to Play game, new challenger for Smash Bros, and not as much Wii U news as we were hoping. It's clear that Nintendo has some big plans for the struggling console, let's hope that they can de...

Nintendo Pulse #072 – Nintendo Branching Out

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We have more bad news in Nintendo Land. Nintendo had their investor briefing and it wasn't all great news. We talk at length about this subject before moving on to better things. We made a pact post show to stop being Debby Downers here on the show and focus on the awesomeness that is Nintendo and i...

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