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What's Happening in the World of Health & Wellness?


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Health & Wellness

Dr. Kirnn

Description: Wholeness for Healthier Lives! Healthy lives brings longevity and happiness with that belief we focus and bring attention to topics that improve health and wellness.

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What's Happening in the World of Health & Wellness?

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So much trouble in the world and when it comes to our health and wellness, there is a high season of concern as Ebola is making it's way to other countries.  What is Ebola? How can I prevent myself from contracting the disease? Where can I learn more on Ebola? Join us as we explore the latest news on Ebola and other issues in health and wellness!

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A New Season of Health & Wellness

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Fall has begun and a new season ushers in new commitments. As we hear of all of the fitness regimens, diet and other health related topics, we must always focus on our own individual efforst to improve on our health and wellness. Join us as we explore the latest Health & Wellness topics. ...

Understanding Your Prescriptions and How to Use them Wisely

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Has your doctor prescribed medicications for you to use? Many people have misused and misunderstood the way to use their prescriptions which have cause them harm and in some cases death. Taking your prescriptions is necessary. However, the most important thing is to follow the instruction - understa...

Celebrating Fathers! Men's Health

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It's that time of the year when we celebrate Fathers - Happy Fathers Day! The role of fathers have included being the head of the household, the strong presence, the one who can fix anything, the hero. While we celebrate the men who have made a difference in shaping our lives, whether he is a biolog...

This Week In Health & Wellness

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Have you heard the latest health news? Well, here's your chance to catch up, be informed and share what you've heard with others. 

New drug regimen that reduces early menopause risk for breast cancer patients

Smoking and hearing loss

Stress and male infertility...

May Good Health Be With You!

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As we work to improve on our health and wellness, we recognize that our choices are very important in ensuring a better quality of life. Have we overlooked some essential tools in maximizing our health?



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