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DORC Episode 87b A Review of the Year

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Show Notes

Thank you very much to the small number of you listen to this nonsense every week, we really do appreciate it. Hope you have a fun 2012 during which the world won't end because that is NOT what the Mayans predicted, it is just the end of their calender period, now it just goes back to the...

DORC Episode 78

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Show Notes

Local MP Oliver Letwin does some filing.

The Synagogue Church Of All Nations claims they can cure you of HIV/Aids using only prayer.

Virgin Galactic builds it's self a space port.

Dan Wheldon dies at the Las Vegas 300 (no video)

An unnamed Hollywood actress is suing the IMDb...

DORC Episode 46 A Charity Appeal

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Show Notes

So we have returned from our team building exercise in Canada and we can now build a raft using plastic barrels and some planks, useful skills I think you will agree.

Normal podcasting will return soon but this is a one off charity appeal, please listen, empathies and give, thank you...
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