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DORC Episode 168 Thoughts On Things (Nothing Important Though)

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Rambling and I don't mean walking in the countryside...

DORC Episode 167 A Listisode

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You enjoyed the list once, now enjoy it again. Go on, start enjoying!!...

DORC Episode 164 More News

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We call Boris Johnson and Donald Trump rude names...

DORC Episode 163 The News

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Is anyone still actually listening to this?...

DORC Episode 160 Quiz Of The Week

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Test yourself against someone you've never met and decided whether you are better than them or not...

DORC Episode 159 The News

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Here you will hear nothing about the weather or Syria...

DORC Episode 156 We Are Sorry

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Despite these things it is still sort of funny...

DORC Episode 120 The News

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A statement about some of the difficulties we are currently having regarding an old presenter is read out and some other stuff happens...

DORC Episode 119 Heroes and Villains

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Show Notes

Quite a lot of links this week,

Saudi Arabia “insulted” by investigation.

Lance Armstrong seems to be a bit of a drug cheat.

Former Arch-Bishop of Canterbury compares same sex marriage campaign to Nazis.

Nick Griffin is a bit of a cock.

Felix Baumgartner is really, really cool...

DORC Episode 112

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Show Notes

Modern music is becoming less varied and louder, apparently.

NASA show the their littering of Mars.


Quote from Mittens Romney's book.

US/UK trade figures.

Morrissey is a tool and so is Piers Morgan but he does need the publicity as his CNN show is bombing.

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