Episode 200 – Long Time Coming!


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Description: We podcast your tags!

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Episode 200 – Long Time Coming!

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Welcome to episode 200. Andy, Michael M. and Michael R. come together for an exciting, extended look back at Dogear-Nation, the music, the history and the tags.  Oh the tags!  We also thank all those who sent in some great audio clips.  We also want to give a big shout out, in no particular order, to: 

Notable guests and friends of the show
Co-hosts over the years – Matt Simpson, Steve Harrison, and our best, favorite, and current Andy Piper!!
1) Sandy Kearney – CEO of
2) Ian Hughes (AKA – ePredator) – Founder of
3) Effie Seiberg –
4) Kirk Nelson – Guest and tagger
5) Bill Sweeney –
6) Mikael Haglund – ThinkingMachine
7) Matt Simpson –
8) MikeTheBee –
9) Phaedra Boinodiris –
10) WideAwakeWesley –
11) John Martin –

we talk about our favorite episode titles:

AP -m?
MR — Episode 24 – I Can’t believe I drank the whole thing!
MM — Episode 158 – Vile in a Vial

What’s cool?
Andy — Awesome grafitti
Michael R — Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit!
Michael M –Conan’s take on the new Final Cut Pro X

Obligatory 3D Internet

Death Star Robot – billsweeney
UAV controlled by gaming controller - andyp

Social Networkin’
Harry Freaking Potter – /film
Banning Twitter from TV in France — heidigoseek
Tweeting from a Newton — richrants
Social Flights — lx5

Final thoughts
Over the past few months it has been harder to get the three of us together to record, and we’ve decided to take a break for a while. We’re leaving the length of “a while” undefined. It’s likely to be a few months and when we come back, there will probably be some changes… we already know that delicious is changing, and we’ve been kicking around some ideas for tweaks and mods to the format. We might even change the name, but we do know we love working together and enjoy bringing you our take on the online and tech worlds every week.

AP — Glitch
MR — @triangleappshow
MM — staying up to speed

bonus links
BMWMafia “attacking problems, not people”
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