DKC 13: “From Diablo to Facebook” or “Real Quick… DRINK!”


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DKC 13: “From Diablo to Facebook” or “Real Quick… DRINK!”

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After last week’s “Triple Killcast”, we return to our standard lineup this week with Jason Superior and Jason Omega on a blitzkrieg of gaming news and opinion that you’re not going to want to miss.  It feels like 4th Quarter with all of great games coming out recently, and this week there’s no shortage of news.  We kick things off with a little game called Diablo III (for which, by the way, we give away a few free codes…) by giving our personal reviews and discussing a few of the controversies that popped up over the last week.

From there, we cover the one of the eternally debated issues when we discuss our favorite foods in video games.  Superior mentions something about Eminem, and then we talk about the new maps and mode for MW3.  We once again talk about Street Fighter X Tekken, and an upcoming movie based on a Tekken. We discuss Minecraft, too.  Frankly, this week’s DKC is so loaded with rabid topic-switching, that writing out a summary of the whole thing is pretty much unreasonable.  So, you should probably just check it out.  There’s a hell of a lot in here.


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