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WHY Use Flexible Retail Packaging? Feat. Gary Bowen from Shannon Packaging


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Brooklyn, NY

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WHY Use Flexible Retail Packaging? Feat. Gary Bowen from Shannon Packaging

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Ditch The Box welcomes our guest, Gary Bowen, from Shannon Packaging. We are extremely pleased to have Gary join us today to discuss packaging. Recently, Shannon Packaging moved to a new factory to better accommodate the company's needs. With the move, they added two stand up pouch packaging machines. Why? The demand asked for it. Gary Bowen and Shannon Packaging, along with many others, are putting their bet on flexible retail packaging for future industry growth. Tune in to hear Gary'

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UNCOVER: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

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Today's show: We women were created to want and need love.  The romance novels and chick flicks are made for us, not men.  If you are in a marriage where your husband is not spiritually healthy, the enemy can cause much confusion for you.  Your husband's lack of love will cause pain for you.  Y...

What Is Your Single BEST Source of Listing Leads?

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Your single BEST source of listing leads? In a word: expireds. Today we're going to discuss what makes expired listings such a wonderful opportunity for listing lead generation, and more importantly, we're giving you some insider tips on how to correctly prospect these leads to actually acquire &...

Brain Injury Awareness Month

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March 27, 2015: At Brooke Army Medical Center in Texas, physical therapists often see patients who have suffered a mild traumatic brain injury, or concussion, in the line of duty.  Sometimes the concussion is the result of an explosion in combat. Other times, it might be due to a fall or collision...

The Graceful Christian - How to Stop Failing

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In this week's episode, Dan Duval goes solo as he gets into why the body of Christ often looks like a failed ballet. The problem for many believers is a lack of grace. But is grace simply an excuse for sin? Where do we really draw the line between grace and law? How can the average believer rely up...

Protection Against a Corrupting Father | K8165

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Complimentary -

Host: Roy Masters

Roy discussed the reason why people are afraid to talk to him.


Keith who is 20, does not want to repeat what his father does.

Emma wants to leave her husband.

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