Day in Tech History

December 26: Apple at $200 a share


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Day in Tech History

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: For the Tech History Geek in all of us

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December 26: Apple at $200 a share

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2007 – With iTunes just signing a deal with FOX and their content for iTunes, stocks pushed upward to $200 a share. It was the first time Apple hit that barrier, and promptly dropped after. The company has been up and down, and in mid-2008 were at only $90 a share. However, after March 6th, 2008, the stock started to rise to the $400 / Share mark. Since then it shot up to 700/share but has backed down to $500/share.

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  • The National Machine Accountants Association is founded (later becomes AITP)
  • eGroups CEO Michael Klien and daughter were killed in a small plane accident
  • FM radio is patented