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October 2, 1997: Worldcom outbid BT – Wins MCI Communications


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Day in Tech History

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: For the Tech History Geek in all of us

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October 2, 1997: Worldcom outbid BT – Wins MCI Communications

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AT&T. The $37 Billion dollar merger would finalize on November 10th. Then, September 1998 – MCI Worldcom would officially launch. This all crumbled in 2002 when Worldcom filed for bankruptcy.

 I was an employee of Worldcom and had been since its original namesake LDDS. At the time we were awestruck.

-Bill Bartholomew

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  • Happy Eyebrow Day in honor of Groucho Marx. He was born in 1890
  • Google sued over GMail in Germany
  • Microsoft Jellyfish
  • The IBM alliance

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