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October 21, 1949: Wang Patents Magnetic Ferrite Core Memory


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Day in Tech History

Jeffrey Powers

Madison, WI

Description: For the Tech History Geek in all of us

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October 21, 1949: Wang Patents Magnetic Ferrite Core Memory

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Wang Ferrite Core Memory

1949 -An October 21
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  • the Electronic Communications Privacy Act goes into Law
  • Windows NT 4 SP4 is released
  • Jerry Yang send email to employees and 1,400 cuts

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October 20, 1997: Microsoft in Contempt

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1997 - Microsoft violated a July 1994 consent decree, so 3 years later, the US Justice department decides to hold Microsoft in contempt. This was the ongoing issues with Internet Explorer bundled in Windows 95. The Justice department wants Microsoft to pay $1 Million a day until Microsoft stops bund...

October 19, 1985: Blockbuster Opens

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1985 - The first Blockbuster opens it's doors in Dallas, TX by David Cook. The 29 year old store owner eventually sold it to Scott Beck, John Melk and Wayne Huizenga. Eventually it becomes a nation-wide franchise and online movie and game rental store. Dish Network ultimately purchased Blockbuster f...

October 18, 1931: Thomas Alva Edison Passes

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A lot happened on this day that Thomas Edison was responsible for. In 1878, Edison brought electricity into the home. 1879 Edison manufacturers the first incandescent light bulb, which was tested on October 22nd. Two major leaps in the technology ago...

October 17, 1985: Intel 80386DX Processor

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1985- Intel released the 80386 DX processor. The 275,000 transistor chip was a big jump from the 20 MHz 286. It contained the ability to address up to 4 GB of memory and had a bigger instruction set.  The chip would be released, but most people wouldn't see the processor until Spring of 1986Interes...

October 16, 1923: Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio

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1923- 90 years ago, Walt and Roy Disney start what is known as the Walt Disney Company. It started as the Disney Brothers Cartoon studio. Walt Disney created a short film entitled Alice's Wonderland.

In 1986, the name was officially changed to the Walt Disney Company. Steve Jobs was a shareholder a...

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