The Date Doctor

Episode 58 – Women with insatiable sex drive!


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The Date Doctor

Jaimy and Erik Blazynski

West Hartford, CT

Description: The Date Doctor answers all of your questions on love dating and relationships

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Episode 58 – Women with insatiable sex drive!

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What do you think are there more happily married or miserably trapped couples in the world?

Becca-Well maybe you should discuss  of why the hell do women reach their sexual prime in their late 20′s and 30′s and men in their late teens!!?? This just doesn’t sync up appropriately.–trina-read/expert-when-do-women-reach-their-sexual-peak

Lisa-I hear everyone say you have to work hard at marriage? Tell us how hard do the two of you work?

Angela-ok…i hav heard if you love sumone set them free..if they come back to u they’re yours…is that true?????

What do you think about this story Erik-

Tashia-Hey all, if a single coworker asks you out for drinks would you automatically assume that they’re interested? Would you go? Would you feel a need to check with HR before doing so?

Wade-I was not born in America and find many are turned off by my accent. And I have even tried to use some dating companies and have been turned away. What are your thought son this Date Doctor?

Would you rather date a pot smoker or a drinker?

Becca-You’re on a date. The infamous, “what are you looking for?” question rolls off the tip of your date’s tongue. You respond by saying…

Question of the Week…Is a little jealousy ok? Is it cute or automatically a red flag? Are you the jealous type? Ever date the jealous type