DC621 Spring Special


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Rowland Cutler

Description: The Cronicles of Rowland Cutler, a UK Podcaster. Featuring some damn fine independent music too.

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DC621 Spring Special

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This week, a special as I’m away.  This is what I consider the best tracks we’ve played on the show this year so far.  Comment if you think otherwise.


  • Deaf Angel: Run to Me (USA)
  • Wolves like Us: Your Word is Law (Norway, Prosthetic Music)
  • Psychostick: Obey the Beard (Canada, Asher)
  • Aviator Shades: Ready to Blow (Canada, Asher)
  • Relief in Sleep: Witness (USA)
  • Neverafter: Debt to Pay (USA)
  • Klogr: Draw Closer (Italy/USA, Zeta Factory/Believe, Stampede)
  • Clouds in Contrast: Allure (UK)
  • Lacuna Coil: Nothing Stands (Italy)
  • Step Echo: Songs for The Broken (Canada)
  • Ancient Ascendent: Patterns of Bane
  • Baby Metal: ギミチョコ!!(Give Me Chocolate) (Japan)
  • Fake Idols: My Favorite Game (Italy, Lifeforce)
  • Anup L Sastry: Nemesis (USA)
  • Collisions: We Know The Enemy (UK)
  • Fury: Warrior Prayer (UK)
  • Methiums: Bouyanci (Indonesia)
  • Cypher16: Lonely Road (UK)
  • Shadow Host: Treason (Russia)
  • October File: Heroes are Welcome (UK)
  • Die So Fluid: Comets (UK/USA)
  • Exmortus: Warrior of The Night (Canada, Asher)
  • Ayahuasca: Wolves  (Canada)
  • Pale Divine: Cemetery Earth (USA)
  • Skarlett Riot: Rock N Roll Queen (UK)
  • Crashdollz: Dollhouse (USA)
  • Ghost of War: We’re an American Band (USA)

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DC620 Vipers before Swine

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Polar: Vipers (UK)

Die So Fluid: Comets (UK)

Zaius: Exordium (Chicago, USA)

Betrayed by Weakness: Institution (USA)

Ayahuasca: Hopelessly Insame and On Fire (Canada)

The Fury: In To The Dark (UK)

Ghost of War: Falling into Eternity (Penssylvania, USA)

Shokran: the New Battalions (Russia)...

DC619 Never Too Much

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The Liberty Underground: Never Let Up Texas, USA

October File: All Rise, All Fail UK, Pictured, by Ester Segarra

Mos Generator: Breaker USA

The Cold Rush: Go 2 Hell Germany, Jamendo

Sight of Emptiness: Deception Costa Rica

Endless Chaos: Condemned to The Pit Manitoba, Canada...

DC618 Heroes are Steel

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October File: Heroes are Welcome UK

Anup L. Shastry: Nemesis USA

Fake Idols: Switch Italy, Lifeforce, Pictured

Shokran: Collapses Russia

Wretched Pain: Hatriot Canada

Step Echo: Ugly Canada

The Fifth Circle: Tow The Line Vancouver, Canada

Sigiriya: Dragging The Bones Swansea, Wales...

DC617 We’re The Inferno

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Ghost of War: We’re An American Band Pennsylvania, USA

Collisions: We Know The Enemy Brighton, UK

Fury: Warrior’s Prayer UK

Ancient Ascendent: Riders Reading, UK, Candlelight

Ogre: Bad Trip Maine, USA

Skarlett Riot: What We’ve Become Scunthorpe, UK...

DC616 HF6 Special

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Attica Rage: Dark City UK

Breed77: Higher UK

Breed77: Zombie UK

Corrosion of Conformity: Feed On UK, Scion

Corrosion of Conformity: The Meglodon UK, Scion

Darkane: The Sinister Supremacy Sweden

Darkane: By Darkness Designed Sweden

Feed The Rhino: Mr. Red Eye UK...

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