DC673 Human Echoes


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Rowland Cutler

Description: The Cronicles of Rowland Cutler, a UK Podcaster. Featuring some damn fine independent music too.

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DC673 Human Echoes

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The Rezillos: Nearly Human (from “Zero”, Scotland, Metropolis Records) Lungless: Inhale (from “Inhale”, Canada, Asher) The Dreaming: Kisses Taste Like Death (from “Rise Again”, USA) Wings of Thanatos: Atonement for Sin (from “Dualism EP”, Adelaide, Australia) Damian Murdoch Trio: The Dragon Slayed The Princess (from “Electric Tentacles”, Melbourne, Vienna, Prosthetic Records) Entropy O.A.C: Endless Fire (from “Dark Clouds and Clarity”, Wisconsin, USA, Pavement Ent, Clawhammer) Sigh: Graveward (from “Graveyard”, Tokyo, Japan) Psychomancer: Just Another Victim (from “Psychomancer”, USA, Orchestrated Misery Recordings, Clawhammer) Kosoti: Gone too far (from “Gone too Far”, Nottingham, UK, Bluesoap) Konqueror: Became War (from “Embrace the Abyss”, Faroe Islands)  Previously SIC Spitfire: Fuel to Burn (Single Release, Norway, Indie Recordings) Helleborus: Coils (from “The Carnal Sabbath”, USA) Halo Creation: Fading Sun (Wein, Austria, Metal Message) TriPod: Tomorrow (from “Nevermind This Black Album”, Trondheim, Norway, Music Submit) The Unravelling: Revolt (Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Indiependent Music Recordings) From Another Planet: Release (Ohio, USA) Fall of The Archetype: Psynopsis Part 1: A Breath So ….. (from “Psynopsis”, Bristol, UK) Cold in Berlin: The Bell (from “The Comfort of Loss & Dust”, UK, Candlelight) In Other Climes: Now I Know (from “Leftover”, Nice, France, Bastardized Recordings, Clawhammer) Riksha: Diesel & Cheese (from “Dream Drops Dead”, Salt Lake City, USA, Music Submit, Direct) Vidare Black: All Seasons (from “Vidare Black”, Ohio, USA) On Scalar Waves: Echoes to Perfection (from “Sequence”, Italy) Download Subscribe / How to Listen

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DC672 Anesthesia Circles

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Strong Addiction:Anesthesia (from “Anesthesia”, Helsinki, Finland)

Deathblow: Means to an End (from “The Other side of Darkness”, Salt Lake City, USA)

Chip Di Monick: You ain’t Punk (Single Release, Pittsburgh, USA)

Inquinamentum: Fading (from “Void”, Leeds, UK)...

DC671 Red Failure

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Kontinuum: Red Stream (from “Kyrr”, Iceland)

Khors: Night Falls onto The Front of Ours (from “Night Falls onto The Front of Ours”, Ukraine, Candlelight)

Dead Lucky: Prowler (from “Sons of Lazarus”, South Africa)...

DC670 Dignity Kills

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Defender: Dignity (from “We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember Moments”, Baden Switzerland)

Vola: Stray The Skies (from “Inmazes”, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Io: Trades (from “Cap Arcona”, New York, USA)

Kontinuum: Kyrr (from “Kyrr”, Iceland)...

DC669 Kerosene Time

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Kill for Eden: Kerosene (London, UK)

Kurhan: ….. (from “Głód”, Poland, Arachnophobia Records)

Antagonist AD: Hard Feelings (from “Haunt Me As I Roam”, New Zealand, Life-force Records) 13th April Release...

DC668 Hordes Bloodrite

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