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DadLabs - Taking Back Paternity

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Donating Breast Milk Part 2

Play Download media Episode 894. On part 2 of Donating Breast Milk, we hear first hand experience from Kelli Kelley, founder of Hand to Hold, AND a mother of two children born preterm, just how important donated breast milk was for her children. We also talk with Executive Director Kim Updegrove,...

Donating Breast Milk Part 1

Play Download media Episode 893. On part 1 of Donating Breast Milk, we talk with Executive Director Kim Updegrove, and Development Director Whitney Musitano of the Mothers' Milk Bank in Austin, TX ( They share important information about milk donation and take us thr...

Babies Are Amazing

Play Download media Episode 892. On this episode of DadLabs, we learn that babies are amazing. They can do all kinds of stuff. Music "Funky Moon Walkabout Dubstep" by teknoaxe Check him out at: by

How to Get Cute Pictures of your Baby in a BabyBjorn

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Today on DadLabs we give you some tips and techniques to get a cute picture of your baby in a BabyBjorn. Why? Because you could win a BABYBJÖRN Travel Crib Light 2! BabyBjorn is kicking off their first Me and My Dad contest giveaway! One winning picture of a dad and their baby in a BabyBjorn wi...

How To Massage Your Baby

Play Download media Episode 888. Today on DadLabs, Daddy Danny learns how to give a massage to his baby. DeLora Frederickson of Hill Country Yoga, teaches us proper techniques and benefits of baby massage. Baby massage is the perfect way to help you baby relax, sleep better, cry less and strength...

Author Greg Wright on His Book: Daddy Dates

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Author Greg Wright of the new book "Daddy Dates" sits down with Clay Nichols to discuss the challenges of raising daughters today. Parents, particularly fathers, of girls growing up face many challenges. Wright has a simple suggestion, a technique that all dads can use to open communicatio...

Daddy Does Retro: Clothing - DadLabs Video

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In this episode of Daddy Does Retro, Daddy Clay gets nostalgic about clothing. As back to school time approaches each year, parents are faced with the task of taking their children clothes shopping. But have things really changed since we were kids? Are today's kids more obsessed with brand awa... - Travel Sleep

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Vacation and family travel can pose trouble for parents who have a set sleep schedule for their children. In this episode of The Lab, we offer a few tips on how to manage sleep when you're traveling. Daddy Brad shares some ideas that he uses when he takes a road trip with his family. Things like sma...

Cord Blood

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In today's episode of The Lab, Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad talk with a few experts about the process of extracting cord blood after the birth of a new baby. You'll learn what cord blood is and how it relates to stem cells and stem cell transplants. We talk with the first female recipient of a cord blo...

Cutting the Umbilical Cord

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The labor and delivery is over, you're a dad to a new baby, and you are presented with the opportunity to cut the umbilical cord. Dads, do you cut the cord? Or do you let the doctor do it? In this episode of The Lab, DadLabs talks with OBGYN Dr. Karen Jaffe about the process of cutting the umbilical...

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