Dog Steps for Small Dogs


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Mike Smithe

Description: Because one doxie, I mean two Dachshunds are not enough. Everyone needs at least three doxies.

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Dog Steps for Small Dogs

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We all love our pets so much that it is very important to buy steps for them to get into our bed. Never mind the sleepless nights and sore backs from the awkward positions we sleep in to accommodate a dog or two (or even three Dachshunds), but we still have a persistent requirement to get those dog steps. Despite my cries and complaints, they’re a welcome guest.

While there are many commercial steps small enough for the miniature and tea cup breeds, there are many options other than those mass produced stairways to heaven, or at least your couch or bed.

Steps for Dogs to Get on Bed

The quest to find doggy steps started with “Oh Honey, Chloe can’t hop on the bed anymore, we need to buy her something a little lower so she can get up here,” as my wife exclaimed.

The normal dining room chair that she used to hop up to as the first step onto the bed was a little high for her aging body.  So we ended up getting a leg rest at Pier One Imports with an incline making it very easy to get on and off of.  Yet Chloe never was able to navigate or judge the incline so we end up picking her up to her favorite resting place.  Our two other dogs have no problem with the leg rest and rather enjoy the bouncy foam cushion as they propel themselves with extra height onto the mattress.

We pull the portable step from the bed to keep them off, but, Odie, a dachshund who had back surgery sometimes bypasses the ramp/step contraption and gets onto the bed at the most inopportune time especially when we’re making it up with nice clean sheets.

Steps for Dogs to Get on Couch

Dog Step for Couch

“Short Stack” or Molly just never had enough spring to get onto our couch.  She’ll try and try and eventually will make it up to lay down next to her master.  A lot of those Seen on TV Dog Steps look so cheap and cheesy that I simply refuse to put one in my house.

So as an alternative, we started looking at foot stools and again, found one at Pier One that is the perfect height for Molly to gain access to the upper realms of the couch.  She uses it to get up but I would like for her to use it to get down so lessen the impact on her back.  Once the fabric on this one wears out, were going to get a wider one.  However, most of those are too high and require that the legs to get cut down to size.

There are a lot of alternatives when buying dog steps for small dogs.  Sometimes you just need to think outside the box and look at some furniture that provides the same function.

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