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Cycling in a New Location


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Victor Jimenez, Darryl Kotyk, Rob Grissom

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Cycling in a New Location

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Cycling in a new location

We recently had a question from Matt asking for tips on how to get the best from you cycling in a new location.  Matt says:

“My family and I just moved from the states to Spain a few months ago.  I wonder if you guys could give some advice either here or on the show about moving from one place to another and how best to transplant my cycling habits. I know, Darryl, that you may have some great firsthand insights and tips.”

As most of you know, Darryl is an expert in this area so we had him put together a quickcast on the subject.

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How to Cycle a New Location


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Cleat position

Proper riding technique that can help avoid foot and leg cramps...

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