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The Reprieve Saddle


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Victor Jimenez, Darryl Kotyk, Rob Grissom

Description: Cycling 360 - Cyclists Round Table

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The Reprieve Saddle

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In this quicktip, Victor talks about the problems with bicycle saddles and speaks about a new saddle just launched on kickstarter.

Should you go with a regular design, center cut out, cut off nose, or the Reprieve saddle with a mid-section drop and self adjusting air bladder?

Victor goes over them all and discusses what each of the options will do for your comfort on the bike.

To find out more about the new Reprieve saddle, head over to their kickstarter page and give them your support if you like what they’re doing.

Reprieve Saddles Kickstarter –

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How to deal with a creaky bike

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Does your bike have an annoying creak every time you hit a bump or stand up on the pedals?

Most bikes at some point will develop an annoying creak. These are usually warning signs that something is about to break and it should not be ignored...

Simplify Your Cycling: Equipment

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Last podcast we gave you an overview of how simplifying things can help make you a better cyclist.  In our first category, we talk about cycling equipment and how to make things more simple.

Darryl and Victor truly believe that simplicity can help you love life on and off the bike, and in this epis...

Why you have tight hamstrings

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Why you get tight hamstrings and what to do about it. (just stretching is not enough)

Many cyclists struggle with chronic tight hamstrings.  Many blame themselves for not stretching enough and usually end up ignoring the tightness. At least until they get and injury...

Your Personal Route to Weight Loss Success

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We have a bunch of listeners who use cycling as an aide in loosing weight, and it's definitely a good move in getting there.  But diet is an equally important part of the weight loss puzzle.  In this Cycling 360 Quick Tip, Darryl goes over a simple strategy in how to use nutrition for your persona...

Cycling Through Glass

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Unfortunately, broken glass sometimes makes its way to the lane in which we ride our bikes.  So what do you do when you find it in your cycling path?  There are several strategies and in this Cycling 360 Quick Tip, Darryl talks about the following areas and how they will help when cycling through...

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