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Why you have tight hamstrings


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Victor Jimenez, Darryl Kotyk, Rob Grissom

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Why you have tight hamstrings

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Why you get tight hamstrings and what to do about it. (just stretching is not enough)

Many cyclists struggle with chronic tight hamstrings.  Many blame themselves for not stretching enough and usually end up ignoring the tightness. At least until they get and injury.

The cause is usually caused by either your position on the bike and or you bodies “cycling core”. It can also be caused by your riding and pedaling technique.

Here are some things you can do about tight hamstrings

1. Check your position first. Have a professional bicycle position expert check your position.

2. Start working on your “cycling core” (with emphasis on your posterior chain muscles)

3. Raise your cadence and work on smoothing out your overall pedaling technique


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