CrowdGadgets 47 | Google Fiber launches


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CrowdGadgets 47 | Google Fiber launches

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Move over cable, because Google Fiber has launched in Kansas City and will hopefully expand to more areas soon. And speaking of launches, Apple’s new Mountain Lion has roared onto the scene, Google Handwrite is now available on most Android and iOS devices, and some sweet new Windows Phone 8 features have been leaked. If you want to know more, be sure to tune in!

00:23 – Stuart’s Mountain Lion impressions
04:32 – Google Fiber launches in Kansas City
08:15 – Google launches Google Handwrite
12:26 – False Microsoft Surface rumors and Gabe Newell’s misquoted thoughts
16:35 – Xbox games branding being update
17:07 – Windows Phone 8 features leaked

Hosts: Stuart Cope, and William Devereux
Podcast Editor: Calob Horton
Newsletter Editor: John Freml

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Now that Mountain Lion is available for the Mac, we want to know: continuing coverage of Windows 8.


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Tips and Tricks

Here at Pocketables, we are constantly looking for new ways to make your gadget life easier. Some of our latest tips and tricks include showing you how to use Google Groups from the Gmail app on iOS and Android.

Good and EVO

Attention all movie lovers: find out Devil Toast 0.7.1 for the EVO 3D.

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