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083 Couch Potato Podcast – TV, Halloween, and Top 5’s


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The Couch Potato

Atlanta, GA and Southern California

Description: Ranting and Raving From the Couch

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083 Couch Potato Podcast – TV, Halloween, and Top 5’s

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  TV, Halloween, and Top 5’s This time on The Couch: Set your wayback machines to 1980 something… Things that happened in ‘83: M*A*S*H (TV series) ends after 11 years. Finale episode was highest rated episode in TV history. The Jedi returned Fraggles danced their cares away Matthew Broderick played-a-game… The Day After Pony Boy Died […]

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082 Couch Potato Podcast – Liars, Tattoos, and Living in 1980 Something

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This time on The Couch:

Set your Way Back Machines for 1980 Something...

Emoticons and ASCII Art

Fantasy Football Update

Roger Goodell Called Out

Music Midtown

Joe wins AGAIN: Galaxy S5 Active


Epic Ink

Tattoo Nightmares, Ink Master, Miami Ink’s Ami James, and Tattoo Nightmares Miami...

081 Couch Potato Podcast – Pre Fall TV Favorites

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Pre Fall TV Favorites

RIP Joan Rivers

Other recent deaths

Molly Glynn Chicago Fire Actress Killed In Freak Accident

S. Truett Cathy Chick-fil-a founder dies at 93

Richard Kiel dies at 74

Fantasy Football update

Apples iPhone 6 & 6-Plus, Apple Watch

Gmail Hacked

NFL Has a Problem (Or Two)...

080 Couch Potato Podcast – Ice Bucket Challenged

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This time on The Couch:

Celebrity Dead Pool

Robin Williams

Lauren Bacall

Eliza Dushku’s Dog

Ice Bucket Challenge fad/craze

Yes, it’s a worthy cause but there are others, too.

Wounded Warrior, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Cancer, Fallen Officers, Fallen Firemen

New SWTOR Digs...

079 Couch Potato Podcast – All the Naughty Parts

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All the Naughty Parts

This week on The Couch:

America’s fascination with leaving kids in hot cars

Justin Ross Harriss

Arizona Woman gets paid for doing it (see Couch Potato Podcast Episode 75)

Lorenzo Nelson

From the last episode…

Did Jeff try Naked & Afraid?

Did Joe watch The Last Ship?...

078 Couch Potato Podcast – Naked and Afraid of Summer TV

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Naked and Afraid of Summer TV

This week on The Couch:


Jeff’s new dog


World Cup

Emmy nominations

Walking Dead completely SNUBBED


iTunes Review from The King’s Tongue:


Orange is the New Black

Fargo Finale...

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