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Description: A weekly podcast dedicated to theme parks, roller coasters and thrill rides.

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There are only a few attractions in the world that a true thrill ride aficionado would think twice about riding. One may have just opened in Southern California. Six Flags Magic Mountain just unveiled the world's tallest drop tower ride... Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom. Maxing out at 400 feet with a top speed of 85 mph, this new ride has been making enthusiasts wonder if they have what it takes to ride. On this week's episode, Mike and EB break down the new ride.  They even produced a video podcast where they provide "DVD-Style" commentary as they watch on-board video of the ride! Mike also gives us a Trip Report from his recent visit to Michigan's Adventure. It was Mike's first trip to the park, so he talks about his over all impressions and reviews of each of the park's roller coasters. One of them actually cracked his Top 10 list! The guys also asked the listeners to write in with their favorite movies or film scenes that take place at theme parks or on roller coasters. The audience responded with some well-known favorites and some really obscure flicks. After you hear this show, you'll be headed to Netflix or YouTube to see if you can find some of these movies! Plus, we have a Live Trip Report from Six Flags Great Adventure, an in-studio visit AND information on the 2012 Olympics!

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NMX and Nab Show, Las Vegas, April 2015