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How to face your fear and overpower it


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YOUR LIFE NOW  Radio show with Coach Rea

Coach Rea

Bridgewater, NJ

Description: Your Life now Radio show brings you powerful resources and effective tips to help you live your best life ever. Your Life Now radio show is hosted by Coach Rea. Coach Rea is a Certified Life Coach with passion to help make the difference in the world.

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How to face your fear and overpower it

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Did you know that fear is an emotional response that causes us to stop, hold us back, so we can avoid something we believe could harm us? FEAR is the number one challenge most of us face today? Fear comes in different forms, fear of the unknown, fear of success and failure and much more. Do you know how to overpower unnecessary fears that holding you back? Facts: - Fear can lead to lack of self-Esteem. - It can prevent you from living a fuller, happier and successful life. My guest today Michael Luckman had written a book about this topic. Michael is here to share with us his own personal experience with fear. Michael Luckman is the Author of ?Overpowering Fear Defeating the #1 Challenge in Sales and Life! With forty plus years as a salesperson, marketing pioneer and sales trainer, Michael Luckman is a picture of success. In Overpowering Fear Michael opens up his life and lessons learned to help others uncover their fear block and overpower them to be able to enjoy life full of confidence, success and abundance. You don't necessary have to overcome fear, you just can't let it stop you. It's your life, so why don't you live it your way? Schedule you free call with Coach Rea today: For more info. on Michael, go to:

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How to become NON-Procrastinator with Coach Rea

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Your Life Now radio show present the Bestselling Author BRUCE LIPTON

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Did you know that your mind can change your DNA and genetic blue print? According to my guest Dr. Bruce Lipton your habitual thoughts and beliefs are constantly sending messages to every cell in your body. So if those habitual thoughts are filled with negativity and emotional distress, you cell func...

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