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No Fear IT'S SOOOO HARD TO GET EBOLA says Dr. Judy Staveley


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YOUR LIFE NOW  Radio show with Coach Rea

Coach Rea

Bridgewater, NJ

Description: Your Life now Radio show brings you powerful resources and effective tips to help you live your best life ever. Your Life Now radio show is hosted by Coach Rea. Coach Rea is a Certified Life Coach with passion to help make the difference in the world.

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No Fear IT'S SOOOO HARD TO GET EBOLA says Dr. Judy Staveley

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Is it true??? "It's so hard to get Ebola says Dr. Judy Staveley" Should we panic? Is the CDC doing all they can to keep us safe? What can we learn about Ebola to keep ourselves and our family safe? Dr. Judy Staveley is here to clarify and simplify the truth about Ebola. Dr. Staveley is a biology professor, the CEO at the platform Magazine and health editor at Latin connection magazine. Dr. Staveley said: “I wonder if CDC has checked to see if any RNA mutation or morphology within the Ebola virus has a bit of Ebola Reston which is airborne. We know its Zaire strain however with evolving mutations, previous research from 1977 studies has shown that the Zaire strain has been experimentally transmitted to animals by aerosol. BECAUSE IN ALL HONESTY IT IS SOOOO HARD TO GET EBOLA!!!” “From my own experience in working with pathogens in the lab it can be a real scary thing! It takes a lot of courage to do what the health care providers do in caring for the Ebola patient. But someone has to do it. I'm sure we will see many other cases pop up, however we should not be alarmed. Keep in mind these individuals are health care professionals that were simply doing their job and caring for others who were ill. I think in all honesty, we need to redesign HAZMAT SUITS. I know some hazmat suits are not in compliance. The buddy system should be used when taking off contaminated gear and the step in bleach baths should be used. Just my experience!” ~Dr. Judy Staveley Contacy us today at:

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