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Dealing with DEPRESSION with guest Craig Meriwether


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YOUR LIFE NOW  Radio show with Coach Rea

Coach Rea

Bridgewater, NJ

Description: Your Life now Radio show brings you powerful resources and effective tips to help you live your best life ever. Your Life Now radio show is hosted by Coach Rea. Coach Rea is a Certified Life Coach with passion to help make the difference in the world.

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Dealing with DEPRESSION with guest Craig Meriwether

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R.I.P Robin Williams. It's so sad to learn of his passing. He was an amazing person who made us laugh and cry. We just learned that he was struggling with depression for many years and stayed quite about it. If you are right on the edge, talk to someone, a friend, a family member, but mostly don't be quit about it. Get the help you deserve and need. You deserve to live and you deserve to be happy. Let your voice be heard, tell someone and try not to over medicate yourself thinking it's going to help you. It's a Band Aid that is covering the wounds. I invite you to listen to the interview I have done with Craig Meriwether. Craig has been described as a ?wake-up? call, giving people the tools and information they need to energize and revitalize their lives, enabling them to end depression and create a life of happiness. Craig is the author of the bestselling programs Mind Mastery Blueprint and Depression 180 about which Wendy Love creator and author of the award winning blog says: ?This is one of the best, most thorough books on depression I have read – and I have read most of them. It is the most thorough account of all of the strategies you could possibly employ to manage depression."

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"The More you Know" Are you a victim of your own health issues? Do you follow the standard American diet? What are some of issues you've been experiencing because of your diet? Are you ready to take a stand for your health and make some positive changes? My guest Erica Petrosky followed the standard...

How to face your fear and overpower it

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Did you know that fear is an emotional response that causes us to stop, hold us back, so we can avoid something we believe could harm us? FEAR is the number one challenge most of us face today? Fear comes in different forms, fear of the unknown, fear of success and failure and much more. Do you know...

Balance YOUR BODY with NATUROPATHIC medicine

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Would you like to learn how to make natural, healthy changes and make them at your own pace? Would you like to learn how to reprogram your mind and change your core beliefs about food and your body to achieve your health goals? What if you can identify the root cause of most illness and shift your f...

How to become NON-Procrastinator with Coach Rea

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Are you ready to become non-Procrastinator and become more pro-active in your life? What motivate you to take action NOW? Do you know the difference between Procrastinator and non-Procrastinator? Join us for helpful tips to avoid procrastination all together. Psychologist Piers Steel, said: non-Proc...

How to grow The Business of your DREAMs that gives you the LIFESTYLE you desire?

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Why do some people succeed and some don't? Is it because they're smart? Or are they just Lucky? Luck has nothing to do with it, neither is intelligence. So what is the secret? Do you know how to stand out in the market place? And what action steps to take to become successful? It's my pleasure to in...

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