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Description: The Greatest Movies Podcast Ever

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CinemaJaw Minisode #2

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Hi JawHeads

As you may have heard, our very own Matt K. recently had a new addition to his family. A lovely chubby little baby boy, Quinn!

We didn’t want to go a whole week with nothing, so please enjoy a trivia segment that was recorded for our Indie Movie Special.

Back to new episodes this Friday!!!


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CinemaJaw 185, Best Young Adult Novel Adaptations w/guest James D’Amato

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CinemaJaw 183, Movie Psychopaths – with guest GTA V’s Trevor – Steven Ogg

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I for an I: The Grand Budapest Hotel 

Trivia: Wes Anderson Movie Trivia

CinemaWAR: Should the Watchowskis make anouther Matrix film?

"It puts the lotion in the basket", "I'm your number one fan!", "heeere's Johnnny!" If these quotes terrify you, then you're not alone. Seeing psychopathy portrayed o...

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