CinemaJaw 205, Best Long Takes w/guest Caleb Pike


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CinemaJaw 205, Best Long Takes w/guest Caleb Pike

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Reviewed This Episode: The Congress, The Zero Theorem
I for an I: This Is Where I Leave You
Trivia: Christoph Waltz / Terry Gilliam Movie Trivia
CinemaWAR: Which Tom Cruise movie could use a better name Knight & Day or Oblivion?
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This week on CinemaJaw we take a long look at the long take. Some views are best left unbroken by a cut away. There is a tone and kinetic feeling that can be conveyed by a good filmmaker who knows when not to edit a scene. The rehearsals and the blocking, the camera movements and the technical challenges can make the long take a real achievement to pull off! There are some truly special Long Takes, and we hope we’ve picked you a good batch!

Joining us is fellow podcastser of the DSLR Video Shooter where he podcasts, writes reviews, and shares tools and techniques for filmmakers. What a perfect guest to discuss long takes with!

You’ll find all the usual goodies on a long episode on long takes.

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