CinemaJaw 233, Best Vegas Movies w/guest Jimmy Greenfield


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CinemaJaw 233, Best Vegas Movies w/guest Jimmy Greenfield

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Reviewed This Episode: While We're Young Interested or Ignore: Child 44 Trivia: Tom Hardy Movie Trivia CinemaWAR: Who is the better actor without an Oscar - Grary Oldman or Ralph Fiennes? Sponsored by: MoviePass, C2E2, The Content Champion Podcast, The Pajama Shoppe Vegas baby, Vegas! Gleaming in the Nevada desert is a shining citadel. A monument to greed,excess, hedonism, lust and sin. But also a monument to hope, freedom, guile, dreams, and possibility. Simultaneously ugly and beautiful, Las Vegas is a testament to man's drive to chain nature to his will and to have a damn good time. Whether you love it, or hate it, millions of people from all over the planet slide down the legendary Vegas strip every day around the clock, with no end in sight. Miracles of engineering spit precious water through the dry desert air in perfect sync to the music and lights and make believe pirate ships sink into hotel moats every-hour-on-the-hour. In short, Vegas is a dream. flimsy, unreal, ephemeral and nightmarish or ecstatic. It is what you make it. And what happens there stays there... Except the movies! Vegas can make you or break you and this once criminal hotbed of vice, now Disney themed family fun center of consumerism is one of the PERFECT backdrops for a good movie! Joining us on our full tilt, flat out sail down Route 66 is none other than the incomparable Jimmy Greenfield! Jimmy, as you may recall we reported back on episode 140,   he runs the entire ChicagoNowblog network for the Chicago Tribune Media Group, is a regular Chicago RedEye contributor since it’s inception, and wrote the book “100 Things Cubs Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die“, but it turns out he's more at home in the woods camping than in a suit tossing dice down the felt! Nevertheless he has his Top 5 Vegas Movies, and joins us in a CinemaWAR and trivia to boot. We think its a good bet that you will enjoy this episode!

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