CinemaJaw 219, Controversial Films w/guest Tim Barnes


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CinemaJaw 219, Controversial Films w/guest Tim Barnes

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An unprecedented defeat has befallen the US. Our most important ideal, the Freedom of Speech has been compromised by a decision by theater chain and studio owners. This, perhaps more than anything else I have seen from my time in US history, has scared me to my very core. No one could have guessed that Seth Rogen and James Franco would be the catalyst to a thought war, and yet, here we are. Though, to be fair, this conflict has been brewing for decades.

CinemaJaw won’t be able to solve this national issue, but we can help advance to conversation! Let’s do so by taking a look at our Top 5 Controversial Films. These are the films that sparked outrage, ruffled feathers, and caused a kerfuffle. Perhaps why we can learn why people are so damn sensitive for goodness sake! (But, probably not.)

Joining us in our exploration of controversy is comedian, fellow podcaster It’s All True can be found on the monolithic podcast juggernaut WBEZ. We talk to him about his favorite controversial films as well as how he got started in comedy and podcasting, right down to his favorite podcast apps.

Another jam packed ‘Jaw… nothing controversial about it!

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