CinemaJaw 199, Train Movies w/guest Colt Cabana


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CinemaJaw 199, Train Movies w/guest Colt Cabana

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Reviewed This Episode: Snowpiercer , Life Itself
I for an I: Lucy
Trivia: Scarlett Johansson – Morgan FreemanMovie Trivia 
CinemaWAR: Who is more believable as an action star: Scarlett Johansson o Angelina Jolie?
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What can you say about Train Movies? … Turns out not so much. Back in the day (20s,, 30s, 40s and 50s) there was a slew of them, in fact the very first popular motion picture ever featured a train coming at the screen that was said to make movie goers jump out of their seat to get out of the way!  However in modern film the train just ain’t what it used to be. Sure there are a few exceptions, and in honor of one of the most recent examples Snowpiercer, we take a look down the tunnel and listen for that choo-choo as we cover our Top 5 Train Movies.

We need a guest who knows how to take a hit. Someone who can be told the topic is train movies and get right back up… Enter Pro Wrestler, Comedian, Podcaster and all around Chicago hero… Colt Cabana. Colt travels the world as a proud alternative & independent performer. His hybrid comedic style along with his crossover appeal has made Colt one of the most in-demand wrestlers around. He wrestles anywhere fron burlesque comedy shows like Lucha VaVoom to cult underground happenings like ICP’s Gathering of the Juggalos. He’s also taken his wit and humor to such shows as Marc Maron’s WTF & Chicago’s Second City Main Stage. This guy is a true polymath, and we are happy to have him on board for our Train Movies episode!

In addition to the bar car, the baggage car, and the passenger car, we also have the I for an I car, CinemaWAR car and a couple others.

So take a listen this week. I promise we don’t go off the rails… much.


JawHeads… CinemaJaw episode 200 is coming! We aould love for you to call in and give us your silliest thoughts and memories of the show, or just wish us well. We will play many of these voicemails on the show.  Just dial (940) 784-3529, and leave us a message! Cheers!

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