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Episode #36: Side Effects


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Description: Are you a movie addict? Do you get the shakes if you're not at the theater every weekend? Does your spirit long for cinematic enlightenment? If so, don't worry. We're here to help you get your fix.

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Episode #36: Side Effects

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Steven Soderbergh says he's retiring and this movie will be his last for the big screen. Does he go out on a high note? Andrew and Monica give their thoughts on the psychological thriller.

NOTE: This episode is not split into the usual two parts. Both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled discussions occur.


0:06 - What happened to Part 2 of Episode #35
2:31 - Intro and clip
5:32 - General spoiler-free thoughts
9:21 - Spoiler section: Switching perspective
12:06 - Critique of the medical system
13:46 - The issue of intent, the ending
16:28 - Pulling a Hitchcock, playing with genre
23:59 - Editing and cinematography
26:04 - Thoughts on Soderbergh's retirement
29:05 - Show close

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