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The Cinefantastique Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction Podcast

Dan Persons, Lawrence French, Steve BIodrowski

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Description: The Website with a Sense of Wonder presents a survey of the fantasy film universe, with reviews, news and analysis.

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MAMA: CFQ Spotlight Podcast 4:03

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Either She's Confronting a Hostile Force from Beyond the Grave or She's Just Been Told She Can't Have McDonald's for Dinner: Isabelle NĂ©lisse meets MAMA.

Screw the armed guards in the schools, let’s get some firepower into the home, ’cause there’s definitely some malignant stuff going on there. In MAMA, a young couple (Jessica Chastain and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) are saddled with a pair of literally feral children and have to contend with the challenges not only of raising a pair of kids accustomed to ambulating on all fours, but also of dealing with the malevolent, spectral force that’s followed them home. Mama don’t go for Fruit Roll-Ups.

Cinefantastique Online’s Steve Biodrowski, Lawrence French, and Dan Persons saw the latest in executive producer Guillermo del Toro’s attempts to resurrect the classic, moody horror films of the seventies, and come away with an appreciation for the film’s stylistic visuals and creepy atmosphere, but not so much that they can’t make generous sport of the film’s plot glitches. And boy, are there plot glitches.

Plus: What’s coming to theaters next week.