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Episode 95 - We’ll Be Right Back With Todd Glass and Geoff Tate

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Election Time is Over! It's the time to put away our differences and lies about each other and go on as if they weren't said and feelings weren't hurt. Time to hurl insults behind closed doors instead of on TV, the American way! Your CheaPodcast hosts, James Hesky and Darryl Charles, are unpacking t...

Episode 59–A Guy With A Wrench

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Being a legislator isn't a bad gig: You get to make laws, you get wined and dined by lobbyists, and you can't get arrested for driving drunk in Colorado.  James and Darryl finish off February by talking about the bill-making branch of our government and all the perks that go with it.  Also, here's...

Episode 42–But He Passed The Civil Rights Act

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J-L Cauvin comes down from New York City just to talk to Darryl and James about the 1%, why he still has never accidentally lost $2 billion, and good old-fashioned racism.  J-L will be at Helium Comedy Club November 9th taping his third comedy album.  Check out or www.heliumcomedy...

Episode 39–Name a Star After Him

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First of all, I want to clear things up.  At the end of Episode 38, I called Darryl a "nincompoop"  and he editited it to make it sound like I called him the N-word.  Not cool.  Second of all, John Kensil stopped by and helped me move on from the most recent blow-up with Darryl as we talked abou...

Episode 36–I’m Sorry You Have to See This

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Darryl and James can't even be in the room with each other anymore without fighting, so the trial seperation has officially begun.  In the first half, James has a wonderful and insigthful interview with Joey Dougherty (Who is hosting College Night at Philly Sketchfest on Thursday, October 20th at t...

Episode 31 - Boom, This Crazy Gonorrhea

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Wow, a crazy week has lead to a busy schedule for your cheapodcast hosts. James has Philly's Phunniest, as well as hosting for Vinny Brand, while Darryl rearranges his schedule to accommodate for being named part of Comedysportz. The two daunted hosts have decided to bring another brand spanking new...

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