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Episode 75–He Gave Me A Teddy Bear

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We all get angry.  Sometimes it's because your roommate didn't clean his dishes, or other times it's because your favorite sports team lost the big game.  The important thing is what we do with that anger.  And what's really important is that we don't do something rash like rip off an ex-boyfrien...

Episode 72–A Hatchett!

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In order to celebrate Memorial Day weekend, James and Darryl do what they do best: Eat a bunch of food, drink some beers and talk about weird news articles.  This week, we find out about the worst prom chaperons, what happens when you don't wear a condom at least 33 separate times, and what kind of...

Episode 71–I don’t think you should have to pay for your parking space, but I’m not a politician

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Darryl is working at BURGER KING so Joe Moore ( stops by the studio to fill in and talk with James about ways to spend ridiculous amounts of money on stupid stuff.  This week we find out whose panties sold for $18k, where you can spend seven figures on a parking spot, and why one McNug...

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