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Coincidence Control Network: File #069 – All Kinds of Sexy!


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Right Where You Are Sitting Now » CCN

Description: Subculture, Counterculture, Occulture, Underground Music.

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Coincidence Control Network: File #069 – All Kinds of Sexy!

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This week: We salute the changing of the guard at DisInfo, Bad vibes in Isla-Town, Vlad the Impaler found!, Washington hippy news, Ouija boards now on the NHS, Get that vag in shape!, Soooo Normcore, Spotty Mars logic, and get your folk on with shirley Collins.

Personnel –  Ken Eakins


  • Farewell, Matt Staggs – Link
  • Bad Vibes in Texas Link
  • Dracula is buried in Italy…apparently – Link
  • Stoned State: Weed in Washington Link
  • Diagnosis: Ouija Board Link
  • Vaginal fitness tracker – Link
  • What’s a Normcore? Link
  • Rover Spots Mars UFO? Link
  • Shirley Collins Campaign - Link

The post Right Where You Are Sitting Now.

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Coincidence Control Network: File #068 – HAARPing on!

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This week: HAARPing back to the old days, Dead or Alive…or meditating?, Slender goings on, Freeze creep!. Farewell Rick Mayall, The Revenge of the Russian Yeti!, and Football has a new enemy!

Personnel "  Kim Monaghan, Frater Isla, and Ken Eakins


Coincidence Control Network: File #067 – Weaponised Silence

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This week: California’s mayor bullies bullies, That ain’t no Yeti. Uri Geller…sigh, German Cat slinging, HR Dieder…too soon?, Florida: the endless story machine, plus much more.

Personnel "  Kim Monaghan, Frater Isla, and Joe Nolan


Coincidence Control Network: File #066 – We Were Into New Moons Before They Were Cool

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Apologies for the lateness of this show, I (The Ken) have been ill.

This week: The Big Dog is off the chain, yeah that’s right, Ken’s hosting again. That’s really all you need to know….no?…ok, this week we discuss The latest activistprank from the Yes Men, New moons an...

Coincidence Control Network: File #065 – The Return of The Dead Eye

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This week: Ken gets all nerdy about the Star Wars Episode VII cast announcement, The KKK gets all neighbourly and then sleeps with a gay black guy, Bees are little bastards!, Balls of purity, More fascism in the UK, Dem Vampire Ants be all up in my yard, E.T.’s sordid past, Locke and load, a...

Coincidence Control Network: File #064 – Man Down! Man Down!

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This week: Our glorious leader Ken is once again unable to reach the epic levels of fitness, and mental agility needed to traverse the rocky rhetoric that is CCN, however, the others are…so, that’s good I guess. Anyway, this week they discuss: Catzilla!,  Red Spain, Protestaganda, Lot...

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