Canadian Tech Podcast

Ep 21. Jan 21 2013


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Canadian Tech Podcast

Stuart Clark

London, Ontario

Description: Canada's take on tech

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Ep 21. Jan 21 2013

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The Canadian Tech Podcast

Episode 21 – Jan 21 2013

Hosts & Guests
Stuart Clark
Jamieson Roberts
Derek Martin

2012 Canadian Search Trends

Change the Thinkpad and it will die

RIM share surge almost 11 per cent ahead of BB10 launch.

NorthwesTel files new plan to improve Northern telco services

Kim Dotcom launches MEGA (
Kim’s launch speech was fantastic (speech is short, Q&A after is long) & his German accent only makes it better.
view here:
“If you haven’t done anything wrong, you shouldn’t mind if we snoop your files” – Government
“If you haven’t done anything wrong, why are they snooping your files?” – Kim Dotcom

Apple Reportedly Reduces iPhone 5 LCD Panel Orders From Sharp

Hands-on: Microsoft Surface Pro lives up to hype

Thinkpad Helix

Atari files for bankruptcy, hopes to survive by selling off Pong and other assets

local ISP has faster speeds!
6/256 $29.99 (100GB cap)
25/2 $39.99 (150GB cap)
35/3 $49.99! (250GB cap)
45/4 $59.99!! (350GB cap)   - rogers now has 45/4 but caps at 150GB for $72/mth!!

Detroit Auto Show going on now. Jamieson is going and will have a report for next week.

oculus rift – VR coming soon for about $300-$500

Pick of the week
Stuart Clark –
Jamieson Roberts – SeeClickFix
Derek Martin –

The post Canadian Tech Podcast.

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