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Ep 18


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Canadian Tech Podcast

Stuart Clark

London, Ontario

Description: Canada's take on tech

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Ep 18

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Welcome to the Canadian Tech Podcast. A weekly show on what’s going on in the tech scene from a Canadian perspective.

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Hosts & Guests
Stuart Clark
Jamieson Roberts
James Wilkinson

We are taking two weeks off for the holidays.


Google to Release IOS Maps app.
And its out

Google Maps Downloaded over 10 million times in 48 hours

Google canning push mail through exchange interface, no more push for iphone!

YouTube launches capture app that uploads directly to youtube while recording

Facebook new privacy settings explained. (Anyone actually have these yet? JW)

New Instagram TOS (includes you giving rights of your photos to allow for targeted ads)

Raspberry Pie Solar Powered

Raspberry Pi gets an app store

Cisco Selling Linksys

Battery life issues, ruin first windows 8 notebooks

BB10 UI Is very iphone meets android meets metro…

Picks of the Week

Stuart – Steam Workshop – Easy installed user content for games like Skyrim.
Jamieson –
James –

The post Canadian Tech Podcast.

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