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Ep 17 – The Canadian Tech Podcast


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Canadian Tech Podcast

Stuart Clark

London, Ontario

Description: Canada's take on tech

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Ep 17 – The Canadian Tech Podcast

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Welcome to the Canadian Tech Podcast. A weekly show on what’s going on in the tech scene from a Canadian perspective.

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Hosts & Guests
Stuart Clark
Jamieson Roberts
James Wilkinson


Come February, Some Tweets Will Get A Wee Bit Shorter

Can the iPad replace your PC?

BlackBerry Release Teaser image of BB10 Device

Why disc drives are an endangered species

Australia Warning people using iMaps to think twice about it

Facebook’s Instagram cuts support for key Twitter integration

Twitter introduces filters for images in iOS and Android Apps

Researchers create LCD contact lens

Google Pays Tribute to Ada Lovelace

Think your passwords are safe? Think again

(No Link) The rise of drive by facebook likes/auto-sends – This has been happening alot lately

Les Mis Extended Look

New Transistor

Picks of the Week
Stuart – TeraCopy
Jamieson –
James -Jasmine

The post Canadian Tech Podcast.

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