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BYOB Episode 140


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Description: The Build Your Own Box Podcast

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BYOB Episode 140

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I am joined by special guest Ed from Bizmodeller, Director and Lead Developer of iHomeserver.  Ed talks in depth about his new upcoming version as well as key features of the existing version.  iHomeserver has always an outstanding product addressing a specific need and the upcoming version takes is to a whole new level.  I want to thank Ed for taking time from his busy schedule just weeks away from the release of the new version, to talk to me about iHomeserver as well as some of the other supporting products they have.  I encourage all of you to test out the free trial and see for yourself.


iHomeserver Main Site:
iHomeserver v3 beta:

Follow Ed on Twitter:  @bizmodeller



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BYOB Episode 139

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Today I am joined by Christopher Courtney (aka: Drashna) to dig deeper into the topic of running a domain at home.  As enthusiasts, we will be faced with the potential of making the choice to either upgrade to Windows Server 2012 Essentials or possibly to look for other solutions.  Our discussion...

BYOB Episode 138

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We got a great show this week.  Mike Martis could not make it this week but I have the pleasure of being joined by Paul Braren (, and John Zajdler to close up 2013 and kick start 2014.  It a long show this week s...

BYOB Episode 137

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Lots to cover this week.  We start the week off with a short tutorial on setting up the Hyper-V role and creating your first Hyper-V Virtual Machine, as well as a quick update on the XBox One now that the honeymoon i...

BYOB Episode 136

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XBox One, XBox One, and more XBox One.  Both Michael and I got our XBox One and have put them through the ringer over the past couple of days.  This week we are going to talk about our impressions, things we like, a...

BYOB Episode 135

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Michael’s back this week and we talk some XBox 1 in readiness for launch day.  We also discuss the VM Ultra drive, portable Bluetooth speakers, and some odd wireless controllers.  Mike gives a quick impression of...

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