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#159 He was a stage 5 clinger


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Burghs Eye View

Hutch Jr, Shell, Hutch III

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: A Pittsburgh Perspective

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#159 He was a stage 5 clinger

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Don’t blame me it’s society,

Audio malfeasance,

Big ass is always good,

Shell confesses,

Infiltrated by the Russians,

2012 in review,

Ohio is a different state Shell,

The zoo debate,

Steeler’s debate,

Mercy Intellectual Disabilities Services,

If you have nothing you go get me a beer,

The Great One remembered,

China Palace for Christmas,

Merry Christmas here’s a beheading knife,

Rejuvenate your Grey Kangaroo,

Give her a hawt or not,

He trusted me with his vessel,

Puff the Magic Dragon on his junk,

Dragon dicks,

Did he drop the L word ?