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#157 Women….they got to see themselves


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Burghs Eye View

Hutch Jr, Shell, Hutch III

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: A Pittsburgh Perspective

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#157 Women….they got to see themselves

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Shell’s happy to be in the studio,

Stuff a bus,

Edit chop out,

Ham Barbecue let’s talk about it,

Sloppy Joe meltdown,

Buxom Ladies,

Ron White rules,

Shell didn’t get it,

Sippy Cups full of liquor,

Shell tries to wreck the show again,

Shell wants our listeners to see us,

How does it come out of like the head,

That’s the shit Shell does,

It’s a whole breast,

Shell’s homewrecking,

Iron City Brewery property development having problems,

RIP Dave Brubeck,

Salvation Army Representing,

Michael Sally Calls the show,

Glad he’s OK