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#155 Happy Turksgiving


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Burghs Eye View

Hutch Jr, Shell, Hutch III

Pittsburgh, PA

Description: A Pittsburgh Perspective

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#155 Happy Turksgiving

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Hutch III (Bubby B) Turk Needs a Lady (Turk Nasty) Kyle,

It’s dripping,

Turk all of a sudden has a new head shape,

Nick was busting a move….going hard,

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Birthday USMC,

Aunt Michelle smokes the menthol cigarettes,

Did your mother catch you,

So she was 15 ?,

Lean into the Damn Microphone,

Hutch giving romance advice,

Turk knows how to play the game….word,

The Dark Knight,

Kyle lays it out,

Hutch wants to be there,

The culture is lost,

This has turned in to the Southside Show,

The female Gene Simmons,

I’m parked under the bridge on 16th street,

So now you’re a homewrecker,

Not one fuck was given that day,

Turk finally speaks up,

Kyle is the Millennium Force,

Turk Nasty is the Kennywood Turtles,

He only had VD once!,

A Double Bloomfield Update,

I finished up in the car,

I need some antiseptic,

The show gets racial haha,


The junkies with their food stamps,

Las Palmas rocks,

Get off the internet I gotta use the phone