BCH | Feb 20 2013 | Karl Almaria


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Sista Stroke

London, UK

Description: Sista Stroke - FreakFreely Freakcast - AMW.FM

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BCH | Feb 20 2013 | Karl Almaria

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‘s shows on MHYH where visiting DJs and other Chicago legends come together for a day of beats and BBQ’s from the backyard of the underground. And while were’ on it, I’m also pretty happy to announce that Karl’s agreed to give BCH a yearly visit every February, bringing the BCH audience plenty of Bunchloxbeats … we’re pretty giddy about it too! I highly recommend giving this guy more of your time; Karl never disappoints the listener and the dancer, and always gives 100% Bunchlox boogie!

Big Love to Karl, and to the CHFM chat room for making every show super fun! We’ll see you next week, Freaks! Enjoy Music and Freak Freely – Sista♥